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i'm tasting nothing but four words; [entries|friends|calendar]
Burn piano Island,Burn.

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[21 May 2007|09:37pm]
that's the livejournal i update.

i'm not adding any friends,
i'm just keeping the link on my myspace page. 

nothing can stop the murder. [10 Feb 2007|01:55pm]
i love my job so much. 
i seriously get excited to go work. 
the kids crack me up. 
at first i was pissed that i got stuck in  young preschool
4 out of the 5 days a week i work. 
but i'm starting to like them just as much as preschool. 

my outside placement for teacher cadet is now..
those kids are going to be like what the heck?
we wrote you a good bye letter and now you're back. 

i'm so incredably happy to know exactly what i want to do with my life. 
the only thing i'm not sure of is if i want to teach kindergarten or 1st grade.
on a bad note though...i messed up in school this semister.
hopefully eastern is forgiving :] 

i'm so excited for valentines day!! 
i have the best valentine ever.
i get to see him play hockey that night
against my school haha. 
and he is going to LOVE his present. 
than 2 days after is 8 months.

the show last night was pretty sweet.
i left early though. 

tonight is sleepover it ash's house!
it's been soo long since ALL 3 of us have done that.

[18 Jan 2007|06:53pm]

Last day of placement.

they wrote me a letter it's soo cute. 
it starts off..
"Der  Miss.Sammi"
haha der.


i hope you will forget the things i still lack. [17 Jan 2007|06:35pm]
news news news

i'm finishing up my SECOND week at a new job.
that's a record, it's at a daycare.
i like it it a lot.
it's five days a week BUT only 3-6.
plus i don't work on holiday's or weekends! 

tips won first place on saturday.
i'm sooo happy they won. 

yesterday was scott and i's 7 months! 

no school monday.
snow day tuesday.
today is over with.
that leaves thursday, than friday! AH! 

someone in the parking lot at school plowed into the side of my car.
that is still not fixed and it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon.
the kid is paying for some of it though.
it's $1,300. TIIIGHT! 

more good than bad! woohoo.


[04 Jan 2007|09:21am]

why does my man always gotta leave me?!
it's okay though, than i get to miss him.
and give him a big giant hug when i do see him.

i was reading his old livejournal entries.

i'm at school, lit to be exact.
i go to challenger soon.
i like kindergarten a lot,
i might just forget about 1st grade.
i leave the kids the 18th though,
it's going to be hard, 
i've gotten pretty used to them.

i'm pretty excited for next year.
senior year, open campus, flex schedule.
therefor, i decided against switching schools.
who wouldn't? i'm going 3 days a week next year.
for only 5 hours too. i won't see half these douchbags.

this month should be pretty nice..

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